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Employee (and Family) Assistance Programs


Confidential, professional assistance to help employees, spouses, and dependents resolve problems that affect their personal lives or work performance. Most often this takes the form of counselling (psychological or otherwise) to help an individual assess and overcome work, health and life issues. Counselling is short-term and focuses on a specific issue. Programs will also usually include an avenue for management employees to obtain consultation regarding workplace stressors that are unique to management.

Wellness Spending Accounts

A cash account that may be provided to employees to cover health and wellness expenses that a benefit plan may not include. A Wellness Account can be used to pay for any items that an employer may wish to cover for their employees, but is most often used for items such as fitness memberships and childcare expenses.


Wellness Seminars/Employee Workshop

The services of an expert who can be called on to attend your workplace to present to, and correspond with, your employees on a number of different issues. These can take a classroom style or workshop approach depending on the service provider.

Health Challenge Events

It is possible to access online wellness applications to encourage employees to meet various health objectives. Data (such as the number of steps taken in a day) would either feed into the app (i.e. from a Fitbit) or be entered by the employee themselves.  This would allow for easy tracking of such data so that an employee can gauge their progress toward a goal. Oftentimes the employer will be able to mandate goals for employees and the employee could win a prize once a goal is reached.  Some products will facilitate the purchase and distribution of prizes (or periodic draws for prizes) and some would require the employer to handle this aspect on their own.


Health Kiosks and Biometric Screening

Blood pressure measurement, body-mass index measurement, stress assessments and other wellness evaluations are gathered from employees.  Each employee can be provided with a breakdown of their specific results, along with advice on how to improve some of the results. An aggregate report can also be provided to the employer so they can review averages and ranges on data such as blood pressure, cholesterol indexes etc. to identify problem areas within an employee population.


Nutrition and Dietitian Clinics

The presence of a dietitian on site for a limited period of time to provide one-on-one consultation services for employees.


Workplace Issue Intervention

Designed to assist work groups experiencing some form of dysfunction or specific challenge, this tool works to address and reverse specific issues with those specific teams.


Workplace Health Scan

Normally deployed as an online survey, the scan assesses employee engagement and support and provides a snapshot of organizational health.


Selection & Succession Screening, Accessment, and Planning

These services use proven tools to help identify the most suitable candidates for positions based on factors like skills and positional/organizational fit.


Staff Development, Evaluation, and Coaching

Customized coaching and assessment help prepare staff for high performance and assess suitability for key occupational roles/tasks such as firearms use, use of force and positions with access to sensitive information.


Health Risk Assessment

The provision of a 20-60 minute survey to employees that asks them various health and lifestyle related questions, with the goal of gauging their risk for various diseases or accidents. Each employee will receive a comprehensive report as a result of completing the assessment. The report will identify a number of key factors (such as Exercise and Nutrition) and grade the employee on each. Common risks will also be identified and the employee will be informed as to whether these apply to them (for example “Cardiovascular Disease” may grade the employee’s risk in a range from red (high risk) to green (little to no risk)).

The employer can also order aggregate reports to help them identify trends within the workplace (i.e. numerous smokers; high risk of diabetes common within population etc.).

Smoking Cessation

A qualified expert will attend the workplace to present to employees on effective tips and tools to help quit smoking. Some providers will offer this as a one-on-one telephonic service.

Fitness Coaching

One-on-One consultations with a fitness coach. A coach can help participants understand and improve physical and mental health through education, behaviour change, and fitness. Consultation may take the form of physical sessions or online or phone correspondence, depending on the service provider.

Typically, the coach will help the employee to develop a tailored fitness regimen and employees can check in with their coach to track progress towards established goals.

Life Coaching

Some EFAPs can include Life Coaching services. Members would be assigned a personal Life Coach to create goals, a plan of action and to give support and motivation along the way. A Life Coach will meet with an individual over the phone to provide tips, tricks, and resources; and to hold them accountable to themselves to achieve their goals.

Proactive Reach Outs

Useful, expert advice to support employees through the challenges they encounter during different life stages. Information and resource kits are delivered directly to the employee as they are transitioning into this new life stage.
The idea is that not everyone will seek the support they need as their life changes (i.e. starting a new job, having a baby, and/or turning 50). A proactive employee support program will offer useful and expert advice to support employees through the challenges of new life stages as they happen. Information is kept confidential and employees could choose to participate or not.

Health Databases And Guides

An online resource center usually offered as a component of a benefit or employee assistance plan. This usually takes the form of medical databases whereby employees can search for: symptoms, conditions, procedures, and medications. In this way they can research a diagnosis they may have been given and potential treatments for it, or they may inform themselves on treatment plans that may have been prescribed to them. The idea is that this will give them factual, reliable information instead of that from questionable internet sources.

Integrated Data Analysis

In some specific situations it will be possible to compile and analyse all claims data across all benefits (including the EAP) to identify any patterns. Regressions may even be performed to identify correlations between different areas (i.e. drug claims may be reduced which would reduce disability claims in turn). This data is used to determine which health areas should be targeted in a Wellness program (much like the aggregate results of a Health Risk Assessment except much more in depth and using much more data). This is a great first step before implementing any Wellness Programs or making any additions to an already existing plan.

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