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Employee Retirement Plans

In certain industries, offering a retirement program is necessary to be competitive in the labour market. Furthermore, when you invest in the future of your employees you are alleviating personal concerns which may affect their performance at work. The provision of this benefit will cause employees to value their work and their employer more and motivate them towards enhanced performance. Without exception, employees should be one of any entity’s most valuable investments. Our retirement consulting services will help you to get the best return on that investment.

Individual Insurance

The professionals at Benefex Consulting have the knowledge and capability to help with the difficult financial issues that individuals can be faced with. Whether you are a business owner needing to protect the interests of your company in case you or one of your partner’s becomes incapacitated, or you are a family member needing to protect the financial stability of your family, Benefex offers the right advice and the right product.

Employee Benefits

  • Group insurance and underwriting analysis
  • Group contact interpretation and administration
  • Group renewal analysis and premium negotiation
  • Claims resolution and monitoring
  • HR assistance related to employee benefits (maternity leave, continuation of benefits at disability, termination)
  • Absenteeism control programs
  • Ongoing advice regarding market trends and legislation compliance
  • Flexible benefit programs
  • Retirement program design and fund manager selection
  • Employee and family assistance program design and provider selection
  • Group life, health programs for employees working outside of Canada


“Wellness” is a term that is commonly heard when discussing Corporate Policy or Employee Experiences. Certainly, it is a given that a healthy employee is a more productive employee, but what can an employer do to influence an employee’s health? You may have heard the term “Wellness Program,” as these are becoming the avenue of choice for an employer to positively impact the wellbeing of their workforce, but what is a “Wellness Program?” The answer is that there are a plethora of services and products that can be deemed a “Wellness” initiative.”

Executive Benefits

Many Crown Corporations or Public Administrative bodies are bound by strict guidelines regarding salary.  These situations require innovative strategies to build the total compensation programs required to attract the best hires.  Even private enterprises struggle to build cost effective compensation programs that can still attract key talent and make them feel truly valued.  Let Benefex introduce you to the world of Executive Benefits.

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