Human Resources Support

Compliance with Labour Standards and Human Rights legislation

The termination of an employee is a delicate matter and must be handled appropriately. In addition to the question of what to do with one’s benefit coverage, an employer will have labour standards and anti-discrimination obligations and liabilities to consider. Benefex will provide professional advice on the benefits related portion of any severance package, including any legal obligations that an employer will have.

Development of benefits related Corporate Policies

To ensure legal risk is minimized any truly prepared organization will make certain commitments and clarifications to employees in writing. Benefex will proactively inform employers on the written HR policies that should be developed and will provide assistance in their creation.

Development of Employee Handbooks

The many facets of any compensation, wellness, or human resource program can be wordy and difficulty for employees to truly understand. Benefex routinely helps clients with the development of employee communication material that delivers clear and simple messaging to employees.

Handling of Maternity Leaves

A mother is legally considered to be medically disabled during the first 6-8 weeks after the birth of a new child. An employer may have certain obligations to their female employees during this time. It is possible that the fulfillment of these obligations can become a financial burden to an employer. Benefex will provide full consultation on these commitments as well as strategies to entirely eliminate any financial impact.

Payroll Administration

Benefex provides advice on the administration of benefit plan premiums and their incorporation into payroll practices and systems.

Retirement Transition

At retirement, most employees are left without many of the perks of their previous employment, such as proper medical coverage and a stable income. Benefex will provide peace of mind to employees by educating them on their options and providing them with valuable financial advice and insurance coverage that will last long past retirement.